Microservices with docker swarm

I have a microservices project that consists of about 10 docker-compose files (stack) and each compose file has a number of containers.
These containers need to be in connect with each other,
I also used the API gateway for authentication (SSO).

Some of these stacks are on one host and some on other physical hosts.
I used Docker swarm for deploy, but the problem is that I can not connect between different stack containers, because networks only connect the containers inside the stack.

I tried swarm Init token, but it puts all the containers in a server manager if I want all the stacks to work independently.

The next point is that when I increase the number of nodes in Docker, the storage files of the media are not synchronized with each other and the data inside each node is disrupted with the next node.

My questions:

  • 1- How to establish secure connection through API gateway to other
    containers that are on independent servers?
  • 2- How to integrate nodes

English is not my native language, I apologize for the poor writing.

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