Accessing a docker container from virtual mininet hosts

I am working on a testbed emulating having several connected LAN networks with containerization technology. This is implemented via Containernet emulation application.

I was able to pull and run a certain docker container on a mininet host. I would like to access this running container from other mn hosts. The mn host that run that container and the other host are in different subnet domains. I am able to ping those virtual mn hosts, yet I cannot access the running container. As it is known the container runs on a subnet related to docker 0 bridge.

I tried to use “—net=host” command during running the docker container, yet this allows me to access the container from the main machine IP address but not from the mn host IP address that has the container running on.

Is there a way to bind or map the IP address of the mn host to the running container on this host? In this situation, all the mn hosts can access this container via its mn host IP address.

Please note that there is a jupyter notebook with certain ports, 8888:8888, should be accessed from the container.

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