Containerized database file path and root directory unknown

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I recently tried copping my database contents to a csv file with the following command inside my containerized Postgres database:

psql -h ${HOST} -p ${PORT} -U ${USER} --password --c "COPY ${TABLE} TO '${FILE}' WITH (format csv,header);"

I got a response indicating the file was successfully copied however I can’t find where it was copied to. When I try specifying a different path to output the file, I get the response "directory/file.csv: No such file or directory ".

does anyone know where these containerized databases output files and how I can direct them to accessible locations?

I am on a Mac OS and this is some of the relevant info from my docker-compose file with which the database was initiated.

      image: kartoza/postgis:12.0
        - postgis:/var/lib/postgresql

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