File-or-glob argument in dockerfile while using TestCafe runner

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I’m new into TestCafe and I’m trying to write a dockerfile using testcafe image.
In testcafe documentation, they say I have to pass the File-or-glob ... argument, which specifies the files or directories (separated by a space) from which to run the tests.
The problem is that I use a generic runner, which gets a fixture name, and then execute its test, on demand, when ever the user asks for a screenshot.
That is why I’m confused what to put in the docker run command, I thought it should be the runner file.

const takeScreenShot = async(fixtureName:string, testName:string) =>{
 const testCafe= await createTestCafe('localhost');
     const runner = testCafe.createRunner();
     await runner
     .screenshots({fullPage:true, path: screenshotsPath})

docker command:
$ docker run -v ${PWD}:/tests -it --entrypoint node testcafe/testcafe 'chromium:headless --no-sandbox' '/tests/src/testcafe-automations/utils/functions.js'

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