Authorization denied by plugin when starting mesos image

After moving to an OEL7 VM from OEL6, I started getting the following error when I try to run docker image(using docker-compose) for Mesos master-1.3.1 and Mesos slave-1.3.1.
The images were downloaded from dockerhub

ERROR: authorization denied by plugin opa-docker-authz: request rejected by administrative policy

The same images when run on OEL6 host work without any issue.

Docker version on the OEL7 VM is 19.03.11-ol, build a9b9315 whereas docker version on the OEL6 VM is 1.12.6, build 1512168.
I found this repo but not clear on how to use this plugin as a docker image with docker-compose command.
Figuring out whether it’s a docker version conflict or OEL conflict with the mesos image(s) would be helpful.
Thanks in advance.

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