Swap out a layer of a container image

I am wondering if it is possible to swap out a layer of a container for another. Here is my scenario:

I have a docker file that does the following:

  1. It pulls the .net core 3.1 debian slim (buster) image
  2. Builds the source code of my application and adds it as a layer on top of the .net core image

When a new version of the .net core 3.1 runtime image comes out, I would like to make a new image that has that new version, but has the same application layer on top of it.

I do NOT want to have to find the exact version of the code I used to build the application and re-build.

The idea is to replicate upgrading the machine and runtime, but not have any alteration to the application (less to test with the upgrade).

Is there a docker command that I can use to swap out a layer of an image?

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