Fabric samples network.sh createchannel gives connection refused error

I have followed the instructions in the get started guide https://hyperledger-fabric.readthedocs.io/en/release-2.2/getting_started.html to a T, except there were 2 things the scripts messed up that I already had to fix, I had to chmod 666 with docker or something and then give the genesis.block file some kind of permission to get as far as I have.

But now when I run ./network.sh createChannel, I get this error

"Error: failed to create deliver client for orderer: orderer client failed to connect to localhost:7050: failed to create new connection: connection error: desc = "transport: error while dialing: dial tcp connect: connection refused"

Channel creation failed

Create channel failed"

I can’t find this error mentioned anywhere else, what do I need to do to make this script work? I found some similar errors that recommended some more chmod stuff and restarting docker, neither worked. This person seemed to get the same error but didn’t get a solution.

If it matters, I’m running Ubuntu in a VM.

Source: Docker Questions