In this bash script, what does "-" mean? And how could one find out what it means?

Here’s the script:

node /app/ganache-core.docker.cli.js — quiet  — account=”0x873c254263b17925b686f971d7724267710895f1585bb0533db8e693a2af32ff,100000000000000000000"  — account=”0x8c0ba8fece2e596a9acfc56c6c1bf57b6892df2cf136256dfcb49f6188d67940,100000000000000000000"

I’ve read What's the magic of "-" (a dash) in command-line parameters?. And I took away that it CAN mean standard input… if the authors of the bash program define it as such.
However, here (link to ganache-core.docker.cli.js github file), I cannot find how or where the author of ganache-core.docker.cli.js would have defined the dash ("-") as standard input. Can someone point that out as well?

Edit: I am looking for confirmation that the dashes do mean standard input for cli args, but more-so looking to understand, WHY they should be definitively be interpreted as stnin when according the linked question above it’s only a convention.

Edit2: I suspect the CLI arg parsing library is yArgs

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