Kubernetes SQL Server or Azure SQL Server PaaS

I’m attempting to ask this to garner non opinion based answers, as there doesn’t appear to be a huge amount of official literature on the subject.

In what situations would you prefer say an Azure Kubernetes Service hosted SQL Server container over an Azure Sql Server (PaaS) offering?

In my mind it’s when you want your whole world containerised and lean upon the versioning possibilities e.g. to have multiple versions live at the same time.

However I find it off putting hosting SQL Server even in a container it feels reminiscent of IaaS without the comfort blanket of PaaS.

Does AKS + SQL Containers offer sufficient ease that you can live the "container dream" or alternatively can Azure SQL PaaS sit nicely within a container offering?

In an attempt to make this non-opinionated can people supply scenarios or authoritative references?
Or of course if you are an authoritative reference even better!

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