How to list Networks; a docker container is attached to using format template?

When I want to check a list of containers a bridge driver is connected to, I do the followings,

docker network inspect br01 --format='{{range .Containers}}{{println .Name}}{{end}}'

Which gives the following output,


But how to do the same for listing network drivers a container is connected to?

Following is docker inspect,

            "Networks": {
                "br01": {
                    "IPAMConfig": {},
                    "Links": null,
                "bridge": {
                    "IPAMConfig": null,

I just want to list the Networks like the following,


I have tried the following but can’t properly work through the template due to my limited knowledge in go templates.

docker inspect network-test01 --format "{{.NetworkSettings.Networks}}"

Which results the following,

map[br01:0xc0000f6180 bridge:0xc0000f6cc0]

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