Why is my docker login command not respecting the server argument I pass in?

I have a docker login command I use occasionally docker login repos.server.com which has worked fine until recently.

I tried an experiment where I tried a different server in the login (note the /v2/ added to the server arg) – docker login repos.server.com/v2/

This failed, which is fine, it was just me trying something out. However, now, anytime I try to run the original command, without the server that has /v2/ at the end, I get an error, and the response I get indicates it is still trying to hit the version of the server with /v2/.
So where before the original command worked, now I get an exception:

C:UsersmeDesktopDockeryamlAThing>docker login repos.server.com
Authenticating with existing credentials 
Login did not succeed, error: Error response from daemon: Get https://repos.server.com/v2/: dial tcp connect: no route to host

You can see in that error that it still seems to be trying to hit /v2/, even though that is no longer what I pass in to the command. Is there some kind of cache or config I should clear to make it respect the original server?

I have confirmed with another colleague that the command I am trying works fine for him

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