Nodeman not refreshing with Docker

I’m trying to figure why Nodemon is not restarting from within docker when passing in an environment variable. It worked previously when I was not trying pass in an env variable and instead in my Dockerfile the final command was CMD ["npm", "run", "devNoClient"]

I can see Nodemon launching in the terminal but doesn’t restart the server when I update a file.


    echo 'Starting Node dev server in Docker Container'
    docker build -t node_dev .
    docker run -it --env-file variables.env -p 8080:8080 node_dev


WORKDIR /chord-app
# copy package.json into the container
COPY package.json /chord-app/
# install dependencies
RUN npm install
# Copy the current directory contents into the container at /chord-app
COPY . /chord-app/
# Make port 8080 available to the world outside this container
# Env is required to persist variable into built image.
# Docker run can now accept variable and it will be assigned here.
# default is run in dev mode
ENV run_mode_env=devNoClient
# Run the app when the container launches
# Due to variable, CMD syntax must change for this to work
CMD npm run $run_mode_env

"scripts": {
  "devNoClient": "nodemon --exec babel-node src/server/start.js",

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