Dockerize vue js front end and spring boot backend and deploy on kubernetes cluster

I have developed spring boot backend and vue js front end I could successfully deploy the spring boot app and create cluster ip service for spring boot app but I have never work with NPM project on docker and kubernetes. I also have problem in Axios when I locally testing backend and frontend I give (localhost:backendport/endpoint) for axios and how can I adapt it to kubernetes. should I give cluster ip service name instead of localhost:port/endpoint -> clusteripservice/endpoint if so how can I externalize the configurations and how can I deploy both app.

here is Axios call

import axios from 'axios'

const API_URL = 'http://localhost:8084'
//const API_URL = '/'

class UserDataService {

    retrieveAllUsers() {

        return axios.get(`${API_URL}/user/getall`);


export default new UserDataService()  

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