Vue dev server doesn’t start inside a docker container

I want to make dev-configuration for my Dockerized Django(+gunicorn+db)+Vue+Nginx project, where i don’t have to rebuild the frontend everytime and use vue dev server instead, specifically "vue-cli-service serve". Nginx listens on localhost:80 and will proxy "/api" requests to upstream django on port 8000 and the rest to upstream vue server on port 8080.
Docker succesfully builds 4 containters, but then vue service dies instantly. that’s what i get

Here is its Dockerfile:

FROM node:12-alpine   
WORKDIR /frontend
COPY package*.json .
RUN npm install
COPY . .
RUN ls -al
CMD ["npm", "run", "serve"]

(If i use RUN instead of CMD as a final command then the server gets built and the terminal hangs after webpack welcome message, but "docker-compose ps" from another tab shows no containers are up)

Here is a part of docker-compose.yml:

    build: ./frontend
    restart: on-failure
    container_name: vue
       - 8080    
      - ./frontend:/home/frontend       
      - ./

project tree, if it helps

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