Win10: can’t enable Hyper-V


So… new-ish (Dec. 2019) Dell XPS13 laptop, 10th gen i7, running Win 10 Pro.

Downloaded and installed Docker Desktop (stable), no issues, no warnings.

Reboot the machine, and get the "Can't enable Hyper-V" pop-up, and that's as far as Docker seems to get.

Yes, virtualization is turned on in the BIOS (I double-checked).

Yes, Hyper-V is turned on under 'Windows Features' (again, double-checked).

Had VirtualBox installed, worked fine. Installed Docker Desktop, which didn't work… so uninstalled VB. Rebooted. Still no Hyper-V. Uninstalled Docker Desktop, rebooted. Re-installed Docker Desktop, rebooted. Still no Hyper-V.

Any idea WTF the problem is here? Cuz I'm betting I can uninstall Docker, re-install VirtualBox, and it'll work just fine. I'd probably just go that route, other than I 'need' Docker on here for something specific.

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