How do you get docker-compose save data in custom locations?


Hi – first off I'm a container neewbie!

So I built (pulled?) my first ever docker container – a wordpress/cli/mariadb.

I can see in the docker-compose.yml file there are volumes and then paths to those items:

- wordpress:/var/www/html - db_data:/var/lib/mysql - ./wp-app:/var/www/html 

Only, when i navigate to /var/www/html or /var/lib/mysql while the container is running its completely empty.

I can then see folders in the directory with the docker-compose.yml file is, but as a test – I deleted the database connection. But it still ran.

Then I went to the location with the containers/volumes and the structure was there, which when editing was the right one.

How do I specify the location on first run?

If I wanted the html to be in the usual linux location or the slq – what do I change?

I was following this: as every other one failed to install/load for me.

Or is it that you load all your data into those locations, and when it boots it pulls them into the container data, and overriding?

Can someone ELI5 because I thought I'd be able to have those locations on a rsync or something.

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