Dockerize exisiting Drupal 8 multisite: how to?

I want to dockerize my exisiting Drupal 8 multisite running on LAMP.
So I created a projetc with this contains, base on docker4drupal stack:

  • docker4drupal folder with settings files like docker-compose
  • racine folder with drupal files (core,theme..)
  • bdds folder with created DB by docker

Actually the default site run on http://drupal8.docker.localhost:8000 but I can’t reach sublfolders and subsites with an url like: http://site1.drupal8.docker.localhost:8000

In sites drupal folder I get: d8dev-s1 folder with inside the settings.local.php
In sites.php file I put :

$sites = array(
 '8000.site1.drupal8.docker.localhost' => 'd8dev-s1',

I didn’t modifiy docker-compose about this, and D4D provide a treafil.yml file which could be the way, but I don’t know how.

Thanks for help

Source: StackOverflow