Docker mount a volume and populate it from container

I’d like to mount a volume from a windows host to a linux container and have the content of the target folder in the linux container populate the folder in the windows host.

– host folder: c:Usersabcmyfolder
– container folder: /data/mydata
The container is built from an image that creates data inside /data/mydata

If I do docker run -v c:Usersabcmyfolder:/data/mydata image, then c:Usersabcmyfolder content will override whatever was on /data/mydata inside the container. I would like to achieve the opposite (put the content of /data/mydata from the container in c:Usersabcmyfolder)

Creating a shared folder and then logging inside the container and copying the content of /data/mydata to the shared folder would expose the content of /data/mydata to the windows host, but it involves a manual copy and is not very efficient.

Thank you.

Source: StackOverflow