Installing Docker Container jaspeen/oracle-11g on Windows OS

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I just wanted to know how to install this Container using Docker Desktop.
This is the URL to the Container Docker Hub: jaspeen/oracle-11g

As you can see the page listed as follows:

  • Download the Installer from Oracle Website
  • command in Linux and using –privileged (I don’t know what equivalent in Windows, Run as Admin?)
  • No Explanations or anything related to Windows OS setting up this Container

What I Done:

  • Download the Installer and installed according to my container, Windows and Linux Container.


  • Windows Container + Windows Installer:
    I got ‘–privileged’ error and cant even continue the installation.

  • Linux Container + Linux Installer:
    I got it installed but with a bunch of errors, then the listener is starting… Is that a good thing?

  • Container pairs with other type of Installer
    Yes I know it will cause error, as you can guess:

  • Linux Container + Windows Installer: Error ‘runInstaller’ not found.
  • Windows Container + Linux Installer: Nothing happens…

So how can I install this thing basically in Windows OS? Which Pair of Container + Installer I can use?

Source: StackOverflow