Error while installing the Minikube in AWS ubuntu 18.04 VM(t3.micro)

I am getting below error while installing/configuring conntrack-tools-1.4.6 using command ./configure –prefix=/usr.
I referered below links to install the minikube:

I tried setting the environment variable but still the same error.Please help to resolve the issue.

configure: error: in `/conntrack-tools-1.4.6′:
configure: error: The pkg-config script could not be found or is too old. Make sure it
is in your PATH or set the PKG_CONFIG environment variable to the full
path to pkg-config.

Alternatively, you may set the environment variables LIBNFNETLINK_CFLAGS
and LIBNFNETLINK_LIBS to avoid the need to call pkg-config.
See the pkg-config man page for more details.

Source: StackOverflow