Certificate always expires 5 days ago in Docker

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I’m trying to connect to CosmosDB through my SpringBoot app. I have all of this working if I run the app with Spring or via Intellij. But, when I run the app in Docker I get the following error message:

com.azure.data.cosmos.CosmosClientException: The authorization token is not valid at the current time.
Please create another token and retry
(token start time: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 04:32:10 GMT, 
token expiry time: Thu, 26 Mar 2020 04:47:10 GMT, current server time: Tue, 31 Mar 2020 20:12:42 GMT).

Note that in the above error message the current server time is correct but the other times are 5 days behind.

What I find interesting is that I only ever receive this in the docker container.

FROM {copy of zulu-jdk11}


#.crt file in the same folder as your Dockerfile
ARG CERT="cosmos.cer"
ARG ALIAS="cosmos2"

#import cert into java
RUN chmod +x /$CERT
WORKDIR $JAVA_HOME/lib/security
RUN keytool -importcert -file /$CERT -alias $ALIAS -cacerts -storepass changeit -noprompt

COPY /target/${JAR_FILE} app.jar
COPY run-java.sh /
RUN chmod +x /run-java.sh

ENV JAVA_OPTIONS "-Duser.timezone=UTC"
ENV JAVA_APP_JAR "/app.jar"

# run as non-root to mitigate some security risks
RUN addgroup -S pcc && adduser -S nonroot -G nonroot
USER nonroot:nonroot

ENTRYPOINT ["/run-java.sh"]

One thing to note is ENV JAVA_OPTIONS "-Duser.timezone=UTC" but removing this didn’t help me at all

I basically run the same step from IntelliJ and I have no issues with it but in docker the expiry date seems to be 5 days behind.

version: "3.7"
    image: {image-name}
      - "8080:8080"
    network_mode: host
      - COSMOSDB_URI=https://host.docker.internal:8081/
      - COSMOSDB_KEY={key}
      - COSMOSDB_DATABASE={database}

I think it should also be mentioned that I changed the network_mode to host. And I also changed the CosmosDB URI from https://localhost:8081 to https://host.docker.internal:8081/

I would also like to mention that I built my dockerfile with the help of:

Importing self-signed cert into Docker's JRE cacert is not recognized by the service

How to add a SSL self-signed cert to Jenkins for LDAPS within Dockerfile?

Source: StackOverflow