Jenkins docker build success with no error message. But I cannot find my docker images

Docker build success as Jenkins console mode below. When I type “docker images” in Jenkins server, I cannot find new images. I try different docker build programs using Jenkin’s pipeline. All come out the same. I cannot see new images in Jenkins server.

If I run “docker build . -t localhost/nodeapp” from local Jenkins server without using Jenkins portal, all works well. Help.

[Docker-build-job] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/
+ docker build . -t localhost/nodeapp
Emulate Docker CLI using podman. Create /etc/containers/nodocker to quiet msg.
STEP 1: FROM node:7-onbuild
--> Using cache 79340b9f444a28a0b1a123dbdfef0cf7581de3142b80b4dbf09b9f53060f2e8b
STEP 3: FROM 79340b9f444a28a0b1a123dbdfef0cf7581de3142b80b4dbf09b9f53060f2e8b
--> Using cache 6fe1fb5d2a66a4e07b8b088c1b979c8be6ae4714d0ddedd08ada9660f04eb0a7
STEP 5: FROM 6fe1fb5d2a66a4e07b8b088c1b979c8be6ae4714d0ddedd08ada9660f04eb0a7
STEP 6: COPY package.json /usr/src/app/
--> Using cache 2955a3d19e7ed04fa5bbc8e0bc650869ab14e2b4f3acf50f7c86cee3e2c461ae
STEP 7: FROM 2955a3d19e7ed04fa5bbc8e0bc650869ab14e2b4f3acf50f7c86cee3e2c461ae
STEP 8: RUN npm install && npm cache clean --force
--> Using cache d2860044fdea874f2a0551257fa6e162297075c7fcc7c225658d64a89062186f
STEP 9: FROM d2860044fdea874f2a0551257fa6e162297075c7fcc7c225658d64a89062186f
STEP 10: COPY . /usr/src/app
--> Using cache f0f897d66983ef32ded374d82daaed04ca77d313f96aea087692ea75d50dd57b
STEP 11: FROM f0f897d66983ef32ded374d82daaed04ca77d313f96aea087692ea75d50dd57b
STEP 12: LABEL maintainer "[email protected]"
--> Using cache 903cf11b28f98c0979cfaa999771e26a80a9adcc2f304d0ad942aa03824b70a1
STEP 13: FROM 903cf11b28f98c0979cfaa999771e26a80a9adcc2f304d0ad942aa03824b70a1
STEP 14: HEALTHCHECK --interval=5s             --timeout=5s             CMD curl -f || exit 1
--> Using cache 6a420fcbb5b79bdc9fa3246218105884fba758c73ea8970813fad8b8e4aee35d
STEP 15: FROM 6a420fcbb5b79bdc9fa3246218105884fba758c73ea8970813fad8b8e4aee35d
STEP 16: EXPOSE 8000
--> Using cache 82d203e8e3ab16566d8d383630cdae1a65b8ebda0831a0bf2cf3008946cb302d
Finished: SUCCESS

[[email protected] docker-app]# docker images
Emulate Docker CLI using podman. Create /etc/containers/nodocker to quiet msg.
REPOSITORY                  TAG         IMAGE ID       CREATED        SIZE    8           a7fa4ac97be4   5 days ago     541 MB   latest      768d450bf188   6 days ago     633 MB
localhost/mydocker1         latest      e2367c7de1b1   2 months ago   385 MB    latest      0f3e07c0138f   5 months ago   227 MB      7-onbuild   3de424ca76d2   2 years ago    681 MB

Source: StackOverflow