Can Visual Studio 2019 Community be installed on WIndows Server 2016 Core?

Can I silently install Visual Studio 2019 Community on a Windows 2016 Core docker container? I’ve followed the instructions to download the VS Community exe then extract to a vslayout folder. I copied this folder to my Windows 2016 Server core docker container during build and I try to run the install using:

RUN .vs_setup.exe --add Microsoft.VisualStudio.Workload.NetCrossPlat --includeRecommended --quiet --norestart

During the build I get a couple of lines like the following and the last one being:

Preparing: C:UsersContainerAdministratorAppDataLocalTempe1ab6aced6786d403760vRemoving intermediate container 67a8e8bebba1

Then the rest of the container build continues and finishes with no errors but you can tell none of the cross platform libraries were installed, not to mention the installed completed too fast anyway so it’s no suprise.

Am I wasting my time? Is it even possible to do this in windows container? I just want to be able to build my apps in a windows server 2016 core build agent.

Source: StackOverflow