Docker pull Unauthorized: Authentication required

I’m new to Docker and have installed docker desktop and signed in. I was given instructions from a colleague to pull an image, as follows:

docker pull petebunting/au-eoed-dev

I tried this on both my windows and Mac machines recently and had no issues. Now the image has been updated, but when I try pulling the latest version of the image I keep getting the error:

unauthorized: authentication required

It begins to pull down the updates but then suddenly stops and produces the above error. This update works fine on my Mac but not on my windows machine. I have tried logging in with both docker desktop and by using docker login but this makes no difference.

I am using windows 10 and powershell

I have searched through similar questions but either my question appears to be different or I do not understand the specifics of the question/answer

So my question is, is there a way to overcome the authentication error I am receiving?

Source: StackOverflow