Enabling Regex/CLR Capabilities with SQL Server Docker Compose

I have created a SQL Server 2017 Docker container with Mac OS using Docker compose, and am parsing very large tables I have been importing into a database from .txt files but I am finding that some of the data I am parsing may be parsed easier with more robust Regex features than what I can utilize with standard SQL Server 2017.

I am wondering if:

  1. It is possible to implement a CLR/Regex solution into a Docker container using compose?

  2. If possible, how would this be achieved, and can you provide an example of searching for a pattern after successful implementation?

  3. Is there a Microsoft approved way of doing this that I have overlooked and wasted every one’s time by posting this? If so, I apologize but appreciate being pointed in the right direction if this is the case!

Thank you

Source: StackOverflow