Can I run Visual Studio and .Net Framework in a docker container on Mac?

I have a Visual Studio Code app (Angular/.Net Core Web Api app) for work and I can develop, debug and run it on my personal Mac when I VPN into my companies network.

I also have a desktop work PC on my companies site and a remote work server that I can RDP into to do all my work, but I prefer my personal Mac!

I now need to create a .Net Web Api app (NON .Net Core) that my .Net Core app needs to call over http (for WCF web services that won’t run on .Net Core), so I created a Visual Studio .Net Framework web Api app on one of my Win PC work machines and I can run them both projects side by side (Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio) on my PC but not my Mac.

Is there any way to get the .Net Framework app working on my Mac? ex. in a Docker container or maybe even just running the app in a container, so that my .Net Core app can call it?

Another idea I have but not sure if possible –
When I run the .Net Core app on my Mac I’m VPN’d into my companies network. If I run the .Net Web app on my work desktop or the remote server would I be able to connect to it from my Mac?

Source: StackOverflow