Docker image google/cloud-sdk gcloud builds submit command failed with error gcloud crashed (FileNotFoundError)

I am using Docker Image ‘google/cloud-sdk’ and in the container I use the command gcloud builds submit --tag

But this command causes the next error ERROR: gcloud crashed (FileNotFoundError): [Errno 2] No such file or directory: './proc/42/task/42/fdinfo/5'.

I also use the command gcloud beta run deploy and this is success.

If anyone knows this problem, please tell me about it.

Authentication: gcloud auth activate-service-account ~

# gcloud version
Google Cloud SDK 278.0.0
alpha 2020.01.24
app-engine-java 1.9.78
app-engine-python 1.9.88
app-engine-python-extras 1.9.88
beta 2020.01.24
bq 2.0.52
cloud-datastore-emulator 2.1.0
core 2020.01.24
datalab 20190610
gsutil 4.47
kubectl 2020.01.24
pubsub-emulator 0.1.0

Source: StackOverflow