Building and testing RPM

I have a question related to building and testing various packaging…


I have remote unix machine with docker registry up and running…
I have maven project with Dockerfile and pom.xml on my local windows machine. There is fabric8 plugin with configuration, where I define ip of remote machine.
When I build the project, it copies sources (as far as I understand) to my remote machine, building image there and pushing to local registry.

Doing that I have way to develop and immediately check the results – run docker on remote machine in easy way…


However in my team we have not yet implemented something similar related to RPM’s. Could you please advise some plugin and configuration I need to do in remote machine – so I have the chance to change code, package and push to remote machine, by running mvn command?

If you have some process description – it would be great. Thanks.

Source: StackOverflow