(C++) Language Server in docker container

I’m not sure if the title suites my question that well but I couldn’t come up with a better one.

As I’m running Arch Linux but develop software (in C++) which has to run on Debian and Ubuntu I’m currently on the following setup. I have neovim (because I really like it) with YouCompleteMe and this setup to run the ycm-server within the Docker (which runs Debian).

Now I would like to give coc.nvmim together with clangd or ccls a try as it seems to give a better user experience than YouCompleteMe. I’m now wondering if it is possible to run clangd or ccls on the server and let coc.nvmim connect to it without problems. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything with Google and therefore I’m asking the StackOverflow community.

Source: StackOverflow