gitlab-runner config.toml file unchanged after registering?

In order to test CI/CD pipeline in my Windows 10 using Docker, I tried installing and registering gitlab-runnerby following the instruction in

However, because the file config.toml is in different location and docker.sock cannot be found in windows, I tried to install it using the following command instead:

docker run -d --name gitlab-runner-config -v /gitlab-runner busybox:latest /bin/true
docker run -d --name gitlab-runner --restart always 
--volumes-from gitlab-runner-config 

I also successfully registered gitlab-runner using docker, and I chose dockeras the executor and alpine:latest as default image.

Runner registered successfully. Feel free to start it, but if it's running already the config should be automatically reloaded!

Even so, when I checked config.toml in my Gitlab-Runner folder, it didn’t update with any new information:

concurrent = 1
check_interval = 0

  session_timeout = 1800

May I ask is there any problems in regard to the config.toml right after the register process? Or do I need to do anything after this?

My config.toml location:

C:Program Files

docker container ls

CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                         COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS               NAMES
612ddafde46f        gitlab/gitlab-runner:latest   "/usr/bin/dumb-init …"   37 minutes ago      Up 37 minutes                           gitlab-runner

Source: StackOverflow