No Such Image found error even though there is image available in private docker registry

Problem Statement :
I am using private docker registry for docker image. Image with correct name:tag is available in private docker registry and also able to pull it from the machine manually. There is no problem in this.

I am using docker swarm having one manager node and two worker node. When I am trying to deploy the app using jenkins, I am using following command alongwith other commands like passing docker login details :

sh returnStdout: true, script: "docker stack deploy --prune --with-registry-auth --resolve-image=always --compose-file=compose.yml ${swarmService} "

However, I am getting “No Such image found error image-name:tag...“. Moreover, when I manually pull image on the respective worker machine where the app is assigned by manager node, the app run correctly.
I did not find any issue related to docker login and docker image availability in the private docker registry. I don’t see any other reasons why I am getting such error though using “--with-registry-auth” as suggested on other blog on this error.
Please suggest with your valuable inputs if encounters similar error in similar circumstances.

Kumar Shorav

Source: StackOverflow