Blockchain : Hyper Ledger Fabric Installations in Windows 10

I have visited almost all the links available for the installation of Hyper Ledger in Windows 10.
I have installed:

  1. Git
  2. Docker
  3. Ubuntu Bash
  4. Npm
  5. NodeJS

And almost all other things that were mentioned in those links. But at the end of those links, running and installing Hyper Ledger fabric. I get errors of not available binary samples.

Some links that lead me to something, but an error in the end.



Please, anyone, tell me a way of installing and running Hyper Ledger Fabric on Windows 10. I have to make a Mobile Application on Hyper Ledger Fabric.

It will be a blessing for me if someone also can tell me how and using what tool I can make Mobile Application using Hyper Ledger Fabric.

Source: StackOverflow