How to run a Redis Instance + connect/bind to my web app in Cloud Foundry?

I need some help on the following problem:

My organization/company has an internal Cloud Foundry service. I have a Django-based site (myApp) already hosted on CF. Right now, Redis is not offered as a DbaaS. I would like to run a Redis instance and hook it up with myApp. I am not sure how to go about doing this in CF.

What I gathered form reading some docs is that I need to do the following steps:

  1. Redis needs a service broker. My org offers ActiveMQ as a DbaaS only. OK, I can create one and get it up and running. This will probably provide me a user/pass and a URL.
  2. Register this service broker in CF: cf create-service-broker redis-broker <username> <password> <url to service broker>
  3. Create a Redis service: How do I do this? From CF docs, I see I can use a Docker image and Redis is available on Docker Hub.. Do I just say cf push -o redis myRedis and it will start a Redis instance on CF?
  4. Bind the Redis service to myApp: cf bind-service myApp myRedis

Is this the correct way or am I missing something. I am a bit new to CF.

Source: StackOverflow