Watching Files to keep a container up-to-date for debugging


I have an oldish web app that uses webpack version 2.3.2 (and I would rather not upgrade at this time).

When I am working with that application I type in yarn run watch. Then if I change a file, it builds my application and puts the output in a specific folder. I then have IIS use that folder to host the application.

This allows me to make changes to files, wait a second or two then reload my page for testing.


I am now trying to move to a docker based Linux container. I would like to keep the same “watch for changes” method I had before.

Before I go try to put together my own system for doing this, I thought I would ask if there are existing patterns for doing this kind of thing with docker?


  • App Type: SPA
  • App Framework: Aurelia v1 (about 1 year out of date)
  • Language: Typescript
  • Hosting: IIS Currently, NodeJs when I move to the Linux Container

Source: StackOverflow