From Docker-compose php-apache exit with message exited with code 0

There are many questions on this site abut it but none of them give me a solution.

My dockerfile:

from php:7.2-apache

copy php.ini "$PHP_INI_DIR/php.ini"

copy symfony/ /var/www/html/
run chmod -R o+w /var/www/html/var/cache /var/www/html/var/logs /var/www/html/var/sessions

run docker-php-ext-install pdo_mysql opcache

copy exec.php /var/www/html/

my docker-compose.yml file:

version: '3'
        build: .
            - "8082:80"
            - mysql
        command: ["php", "/var/www/html/exec.php"]
        #command: ["echo", "hello"]
        image: "mysql:5"
            MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: my-secret-pw

The problem comes from the command key. When I comment the commands the php-apache/web runs. from docker ps I can see the container. But when I add a command php-apache/web container died on php-apache_web_1 exited with code 0 and it is not shown from docker ps while the mysql container exists and I can interact with it.

From that answer someone says the container exit because the command is completed his task and exited. But I don’t want my server to exit or die/kill. How to prevent the command from returning an exit status without running the command forever?

If you’re curious about why I am running a command, my command do almost exactly how explained there.

What I want is a solution on how to keep my php apache server running and create a database in the mysql server once the php apache image has built.

Source: StackOverflow