get device mounts info on kubernetes node using pod


I have below pod.yaml that outputs the pod’s mount info but now I want it to show me the node’s mount info instead or also that info. any hint how can I give privilege to the pod such that it runs the same command on the k8s hosts on which the pod is running and list that in output of pods logs?

apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
  name: command-demo
    purpose: demonstrate-command
  - name: command-demo-container
    image: debian
    command: ["/bin/bash", "-c"]
      - |
        echo $HOSTNAME && mount | grep -Ec '/dev/sd.*<csi' | awk '$0 <= 64  { print "Mounts are less than 64, that is found", $0 ;} $0 > 64  { print "Mounts are more than 64", $0 ;}'
  restartPolicy: OnFailure

kubectl logs pod/command-demo

Mounts are less than 64, that is found 0

expected output:

k8s_node1 << this is hostname of the k8s node on which above pod us running
Mounts are more than 64, that is found 65

what change do i need to do in my pod.yaml such that it runs the shell command on node and not on pod?

Source: StackOverflow