docker build –build-arg SSH_PRIVATE_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa)" returning empty

I want to be able to read the contents of the file ~/.ssh/id_rsa and pass the same to my build stage of the image. When I use the command docker build --build-arg SSH_PRIVATE_KEY="$(cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa)" and then I try to echo that inside the container during a build, I get empty.

RUN echo "$SSH_PRIVATE_KEY" > /priv_key 
    && cat /priv_key

the result is

Step 6/14 : RUN echo "$SSH_PRIVATE_KEY" > /priv_key     && cat /priv_key
 ---> Running in c8d6e3c88cd8

Removing intermediate container c8d6e3c88cd8

In the dockerfile I have ARG SSH_PRIVATE_KEY.

But when I use a dummy text like docker build --build-arg SSH_PRIVATE_KEY="dummy text" I can see it in the logs.

This causes my private key to be in invalid format since it is empty.
RUN echo "${SSH_PRIVATE_KEY}" >> /root/.ssh/id_rsa

What am I doing wrong or what is it that am not doing? Thank you

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