Multiple IIS websites in multiple Docker containers with SNI

I’m migrating 10 sites hosted in the same server to to Docker. The idea is to continue having 1 single server but with 10 containers instead of 10 websites hosted in the host/main Windows and 10 sites configured in IIS.

The problem is that some of the websites use HTTPS on the same IP and port and use SNI (I believe that’s what’s being used even if ‘Required’ is not checked).

For example:

IP:, Port: 443, Host:  >> Site 1
IP:, Port: 443, Host:  >> Site 2

If I split those 2 sites in 2 containers, I won’t be able to use SNI anymore right? If I understand correctly, the solution in the Linux world would be to create another container with nginx, varnish or apache. But how can I achieve this in Windows containers?

There are also other websites with other IPs and other ports (80 for plain HTTP), but I believe those are not a problem if I solve the issue mentioned above.

Source: StackOverflow