WeasyPrint HTML to PDF not rendered Images in TEST VM Environment – Django

I am using Django + WeasyPrint for HTML to PDF generation.

In HTML template I am having around 2 SVG files. While running in Development (local) server, it rendered SVG Images when converting HTML to PDF. Whereas in TEST Server(Which runs by using NGINX and Docker Container), it fail to render SVG files. In WeasePrint, I have mentioned my TEST URL (http//test.sampleproject.com:8000) in the base_url. I don’t know why it is working in my dev server and not working in TEST Server

My Code.

html_string = render_to_string('sample.html', {'data': data})
result = HTML(string=html_string, base_url='http//test.sampleproject.com:8000').write_pdf(presentational_hints=True)
response = HttpResponse(result, content_type='application/pdf')
response['Content-Disposition'] = 'inline; filename={}'.format('sample.pdf')
return response

In my Template file I have loaded around 10 images. Ex: ‘sample.html’ template file:

  {% load staticfiles %}
  <img src="{% static 'svg/Logo1.svg' %}" alt="" />
  <img src="{% static 'svg/Logo2.svg' %}" alt="" />

Please help me to render the SVG files in the output PDF.

Source: StackOverflow