AWS Batch, AWS ECR : Docker run gives an error x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

To create a AWS Batch job, I am trying to create a Docker image, using the Ubuntu Linux base image.

From the Docker container, I want to write some records in AWS DynamoDB and upload some files to S3.
These steps are performed by a command line program developed using Go language.

This programs works fine, on EC2 instance.
When I created the Docker image, pushed to ECR and tried to use it in AWS batch, I got below error –

Post x509: certificate
signed by unknown authority

Here is the relevant portion of my Dockerfile

#Download base image ubuntu 16.04
FROM ubuntu:16.04

# Update Software repository
RUN apt-get update

ADD myProgram /usr/local/bin/myProgram

USER nobody
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/myProgram"]

Are there any additional packages I need to install on the Ubuntu Docker image?

Source: StackOverflow