recovering the missing outputs after dockerizing a python script

I have a python script ( and this script produces some pdf file as output. I am trying to dockerize the script. to do so, I made the following Dockerfile:

FROM python:3

ADD /qc/

RUN pip install numpy
RUN pip install sklearn

CMD [ "python", "./qc/" ]

then I made the image using:

docker build -t qc .

and then I run the image using:

docker run -it -v "${pwd}:/qc/output qc

this command works perfectly.
regular script produces the pdf files in the current directory, but the dockerized version does not return the pdf files in the current directory (in fact in the current directory there should be /qc/output with all pdf files) because they will be in the container filesystem of docker. after running the image I could not find “/qc/output” and also the pdf files.
do you know how I can get the “/qc/output” in my current directory?

here is the function in python which generates the pdf files:

def plot(file_list):
    nums = []
    Dis = []
    for i in range(len(file_list)):
    concentration = np.log2(np.array([128, 32, 8, 2, 0.5, 0.125]))
    Pos = [ [i[e] for e in sorted(i.keys())] for i in nums ]
    Pos_log = numpy.log2(numpy.array(Pos))
    Neg = [np.mean(np.log2(np.array(i['Negative'],np.float64)))+2*np.std(np.log2(np.array(i['Negativ$
    fig = plt.figure()
    for i in range(len(Neg)):
        plt.plot(concentration, Pos_log[i], label=file_list[i])
        plt.axhline(y=Neg[i], color='b', linestyle='-')
        plt.xlabel("log2 concentration")
        plt.ylabel("log2 raw counts")
        plt.ylim(0, 40)
        fig = plt.gcf()

Source: StackOverflow