Is it wise to delete the default webapps from a Tomcat-based docker image?

I am containerizing an older Java web application with Docker. My Dockerfile pulls an official Tomcat image from Docker Hub (specifically, tomcat:8.5.49-jdk8-openjdk), copies my .WAR file into the webapps/ directory, and copies in some idiosyncratic configuration files and dependencies. It works.

Now I know that Tomcat comes out-of-the-box with a few directories under webapps/, including the “manager” app, and some others: ROOT, docs, examples, host-manager. I’m thinking I ought to delete these, lest one of my users access them, which might be a security risk and is unprofessional at the least.

Is it a best practice to delete those installed-by-default web apps from an official Tomcat image? Is there any downside to doing so? It seems logical to me, but a web search didn’t turn up any expert opinion either way.

Source: StackOverflow