Wiki.js doesn’t work with a preexisting repo

Running docker container with Wiki.JS on my Linux host machine. Everything working good, but I want use Wiki.JS feature for side-to-side synchronization via Git. I use local Gitlab server and create new repo (try clean and try with file). In Wiki.JS I write all requisites for connection, and it working good. But after all I have different problems. The main problem error via git syncs:

From * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories

I’m understand that problem with git at local repo in docker container, because its non empty. Ewereywhere give advise about use git pull origin master –allow-unrelated-histories. But I dont how use this command in docker container with git. On host machine git is not installed.

I find closed github ticket whith same problem and where creator of Wiki.JS give answer about delete local /repo folder.

So, my question is that I want to understand where can I find the repository? I’ll try locate git and locate repo on host machine, but I can’t find that repo.

Source: StackOverflow