Implementing a Docker Container based Serverless Computing using low latency Linux Kernals

When reading Serverless concepts i had an understanding that there are fast bootable linux kernals ideally used for Serverless computing.
Whenever a request comes in this kernal is booted up, serve the request and stays for a cool down time period and goes down.
Idea of using these kernal is to save the time the offline server takes to come online.

  1. Can anyone give links to them?
  2. How are they actually implemented in Serverless computing?
  3. Can we use them as BaseImages and implement our Docker containers?
  4. Lets say i use one such fast bootable Ubuntu or Linux and build my
    app onto it. Then can i implement Serverless using Docker where i
    bring up my docker image using docker run every time i get a
    request, and shutdown my container automatically after the cool
    down time

Source: StackOverflow