How to use TestCafe-Cucumber Node.js project in DevOps deployments

  cucumber, devops, docker, express, testcafe

I have a test framework running on my local (& git) that is based on TestCafe-Cucumber (Node.js) example: & it works really well.

Now, I am trying to use this framework in the deployment (post-deployment) cycle by hosting it as a service or creating a docker container.

The framework executes through the CLI command (npm test) with few parameters.

I know the easiest way is to call the git repo directly as & when required by adding a Jenkins step, however, that is not the solution I am looking for.

So far, I have successfully built the docker image & container now runs on my localhost 8085 port as (although I get DNS server as it’s not an app – please correct me if I am wrong here)

The concern here is: How can I make it work like an app hosted so that once the deployment completes, the Jenkins/Octopus could call it as a service through the URL ( along with few parameters that the framework used to execute the test case?

I request all experts to provide a solution if there are any.

Source: StackOverflow