When I login to Docker Nexus 3 private registry, I get 404 error

I am working in a closed environment, and I need to login to a private Nexus3 registry.
I have setup the daemon.json with the insecure-registries option.
I can ping the server, telnet the port and curl the endpoint.
I can login to Nexus3 UI with my credentials.

However, the docker login command shows this:

Error response from daemon: login attempt to http://servername:16003/v2/ failed with status: 404 Not Found

Is it an issue with Docker 19.3.01? On other machines with Docker 18.x.x, the login works.

Nexus 3.12.1-01
Docker 19.03.1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 (x86_64)

Source: StackOverflow