Pulled my docker django project but don’t run

I create a dockerized version of my Django project in this fashion:

create my Dockerfile
create my docker-compose.yml
create my .dockerignore

on my machine all done, if i run docker-compose up all start.
Then i build the project

docker-compose build .

and push to my hub repo

docker push myrepo/myproject

well, at this point i connect from another machine and i do:

docker pull myrepo/myproject

as you can see it download the image:

enter image description here

but when i run it nothing appen:

docker run d080812784c6

enter image description here

in my docker-compose file, into my web service i specify the command:

command: python /Code/core/manage.py runserver

…how can i start my pulled docker image correctly?

So many thanks in advance

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