How to use AWS for free hosting of a web app (Docker, Nginx, Angular, Django)?

I am a total beginner and just completed the first version of my web application.

I am using Docker, Nginx, Angular & Django. Note that the backend works on static files and uses a simple database for User Registration.

I want to deploy it to a free, cloud solution. I heard that I can use AWS Elastic Beanstalk but found a bit complicated both the configuration and the pricing policy.

Can anybody guide me through what to consider or even better, what selection I have to make in order to host my web app on AWS without a charge?

PS: I don’t know If I have to mention this, but in case the web app attracts a satisfying number of users, I would adjust the implementation in order the user to be able to upload and use my services upon their own data (and not upon the csv files). In this case, I might have to use other AWS services or migrate to another cloud solution. Just to say that both of them are welcome!

Source: StackOverflow