How to setup docker machine with Hyper V Internal switch?

I’ve been practicing docker and docker-swarm for quite sometime. I had created docker-machine’s (manager, worker1 and worker2 nodes) using virtualbox and was able to complete the orchestration

Now, I am trying to repeat the same using Hyper-V (using internal v-switch) in my office, but it hung with the following

ERROR:  Waiting for the host

My office desktop has got only one NIC, If I create ‘external vswitch’ and share it using ‘network adapter sharing’ I lose connectivity to all my office / client related applications

Hence I chose to create hyper-v ‘manager’ node using ‘internal switch’. I also tried setting up MAT and provided IP address to ‘internal switch’. But NOTHING worked

Should I need / create a hyper-v external switch prior creating Internal switch ? Or am I doing something wrong with internal switch setup?

Source: StackOverflow