Observed Forbitten exception often in kibana dashboard

  docker, elk, kibana, logstash, shell

I’m observing the below error message often in kibana. If I restarted the images and it looks fine for while but I’m loosing all my data as I explained in this below link.

The data is getting lost whenever I restart the docker/elk image

Error Message:

Erased the hostname in the snapshot.

enter image description here

I just searched and found that the below script will resolved that issue:


  PUT kindle_s_builds/_settings
          "read_only_allow_delete": "false"


     "acknowledged" : true

Kibana version : 6.6.0 and using docker/elk image to host the kibana dashboard.

But nothing helps. Can anyone let me know how can I resolve this issue? and what is the root cause and how to overcome this?

Source: StackOverflow